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Cheese on the Moon? Google says Yes

Just made an interesting discovery today after reading B&T, it turns out that Google actually hides easter eggs (basically a nerdy way to say special hidden treats, usually used to describe secret locations/items in games) in their products. As everyone should know already, Google has always been trying to be fun and innovative with their products, but since all of them are free (atleast the ones we actually use), I guess it gives them the right to do things which other companies dare not do to their paid products.

Anyways, getting back to the main topic, the Cheese on the moon easter egg from Google. Now, we all know of Google Moon, the moon version of Google maps. Relatively bland in nature as the moon pretty much looks the same in very angle. However, if you zoom all the way in onto the moon, doesn’t matter which location, the moon will change into a big Cheese.

Yes you heard right, there is actually Cheese on the moon, well atleast according to Google Moon. Hope that makes you day just that little bit better. I know it will for me, I mean heck, there is cheese on the moon!

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