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How to stop annoying telemarketers from calling you

Its a known fact that Australians suffer from annoying calls from overseas telemarketers. Worse of all, we get their calls at the most inappropriate times of the night, usually just before or during dinner. We are unable to get rid of them and some of us tend to stay as nice and calm as possible so that we don’t look like Red Necks. Luckily for us, our Australian government has decided that they will no longer tolerate telemarketers by opening a “Do Not Call” registry.

This Do Not Call registry is basically a list of phone numbers which are supplied by the owners of the numbers to the government to disallow incoming calls from telemarketing companies. It will completely all those annoying “Do you want to buy another set of useless carpet cleaner?” phone calls and will take effect on the 31st of May 2007.

“So how do I get on this list?” I hear you ask,  well its as simple as logging on to, lodging your phone number in the registry and clicking submit. Voila! you are official protected from telemarketers from ever calling you.

Please note that companies which you authorised to call you will still be able to call, for example banks, get rich quick companies and Time share companies. Also, organisations with public awareness surveys or government surveys will still be able to call.

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  • Kyle

    I signed up for this about 6 months ago when a Rep came knocking on my door. I don’t think we’ve have one telemarketing call since – even from time share companies. I remember we had to pay a small fee of about $30 which went to charity.

    Well worth it!

  • Anna Maria Di Carlo

    I would be very happy to be left alone and i peace from telemarkers
    and charity calls, I hope this will solve my problem

  • Chris T

    That ‘Do Not Call List’ sounds great in theory because we have it in the U.S. It doesn’t work because telemarketers from overseas do not comply and they call anyway, several times a day. 🙁

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