• Coding

    The usefulness of a website being XHTML compliant

    Countless webmasters stress over the issue of the need to be XHTML compliant, for both search engine optimisation as well as to decrease cross browser issues. In a way being XHTML compliant is like providing a guarantee to your users that the site they are visiting is top notch. However is there really a need to goto such extent to get your website XHTML compliant?

  • CSS

    Using style sheets to change H1 to P for SEO purposes

    Ever had a client who uses inappropriate styling tags at inappropriate times? I’ll bet you have and I’m sure you’ve had a heck of a time trying to change a H1 / H2 / H3 tag to a <p> tag via CSS. I wonder all the time why people abuse the use of header tags throughout the page when they could’ve easily used a <span> or a <p> tag via style sheets.