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Taking blogging to a new level with Men’s Sense – Online Magazine

It’s been a dream of mine for awhile to start an online magazine company with quality content as well as unbiased journals writing for me. However, it has only been a dream and I never had the chance to start it. Well that was until I realised that Bloggers are the new Journals in today’s digital age. Say hi to Australia’s newest blog based Online Magazine – Men’s Sense Online Men’s Magazine

In my previous blog about making money via blogging, I have expressed my opinion about being a pro-blogger (a person who makes money via blogging) and have strong thoughts about blogs being the new form of media. Though there are many who would disagree, I see blogs making a huge impact in offline media, both in Australia and internationally. From this, I decided that if I was to ever start an online magazine compny, I will need to have talented, passionate bloggers who are unafraid to speak up.

Having said that, I decided to hire a Friend of mine who loves to write and has been blogging for awhile on his personal life. I invited him to help me start my first online magazine “Men’s Sense“, a Men’s magazine based around technology, fashion and women (three of the main things men in Australia are concerned with).

Men’s Sense is still currently in its development stage and there are still alot of kinks to work out, however if my vision is correct, Online magazines ran by bloggers will be the future of digital media. No longer will news and general information be held only by the rich and famous, now any average joe will have the chance to contribute to society by writing about their knowledge online, either in the form of a blog post of in the form of a magazine article.

Anyways, keep a look out for Men’s Sense Online Men’s Magazine in the near future. You never know, this thing might really hit off.

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  • Warenwirtschaft

    I think you are on the right track with this idea. I always wanted to start a free business-magazine but it never got off the ground because of the high print and distribution costs. But maybe i should try it your way. Got me thinking…
    The most important point would be to get some good writers because there should be one new article every day and that is impossible for one person when quality is a concern.

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