Microsoft looking to purchase 24/7 Real Media

Well well, Microsoft, the software giant, has finally decided to buy up advertising companies following the foot steps of Yahoo and Google. This is actually good news for both Microsoft and users of 24/7 Media (both publishers and advertisers).

So what is the price tag? A whopping $1 billion dollar according to the New York Post. Read more about the speculation of Microsoft purchasing 24/7 Real Media at New York post, also head over to Webmaster World’s thread on this topic.  Very interesting read on how it could affect both publishers and advertisers of 24/7 Real Media.

These past 2 years seems like a big shopping spree for the international tech giants, with Google topping the  charts with the most acquisitions within the past year alone. Things become very interesting when companies have too much cash in the bank to spend though it seems to be positively affect their shares.

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