The forumla for being a top Australian blogger

As a search engine optimiser, I have always been interested in different types of lists which bloggers and authority figures conjure up. One recently list have caught my attention, and that is the infamous Top 100 Australian Bloggers list made by Meg. The aim of this list is to formulate the ultimate Australian Blogroll which ultimately provides Australian bloggers with the much needed attention it currently lacks.

My first reaction to this blog was “How can I get listed as a Top Australian Blogger?”. Luckily, Meg was kind enough to provide her formula as to how she came up with the list of the Top 100 Australian Bloggers. Her formula is simple and to a certain extent, makes sense and until there can be a better way for people to measure web traffic, this formula will not change.

In short, the formula used to rank Australian Blogs lie with the blog’s Global Alexa Ranking, their Australian Alexa Ranking and their Technorati Ranking. Unlike the original Ultimate Australian Blogroll created by Craig Harper who used only Technorati’s Ranking to determine the position of a blog on the list, this new Top 100 list takes into account its traffic ranking within Australia via Alexa, as well as its global Alexa Ranking.

To calculate your website’s score, use the following formula (courtesy Meg of Blogpond) and compare it with the current Top 100 list to see if you belong in Australia’s Top 100 blogger list.

(( 3 x Australia Alexa Ranking) + Global Alexa Ranking + Technorati Ranking)/5

Simple isn’t it, so for example, if I sub in my currently website’s rankings it will look like the following:

((3 x 1513) + 315509 +  675058)/5 = 199,021 (rounded down)

So from the above score, my blog does not belong on Top 100 list yet.

Most webmasters have already discounted the credibility of Alexa’s rankings, however, due to the limited methods available for us to determine a website’s traffic, Alexa will have to do until a better traffic metric gets developed. Right now, all I need to do is start some repore with fellow bloggers within Australia, write even more compelling & thought provoking posts and start building some back links for traffic.

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  • Meg

    Hi Francis

    You’re quite right in that you’re not far off (though the index came in at 228,579 yesterday when I calculated it so there’s obviously been some movement).

    Thanks for not slamming the method – as you can appreciate it’s hard to find the right formula, but I’m open to suggestions 🙂

  • Francis Lee

    You went to all the trouble to build the list and make the formula work, so I as well as many other Aussies appreciate that. Its only after I read through the list did I realise that there were so many bloggers in Australia.

    Too bad there is not enough attention given to blogging and bloggers in Australia as of yet.

  • Michael Visser

    I’m pretty rapt, I managed to sneak in at #91 last refresh, go Meg go! Don’t see why you won’t be there yourself pretty soon Francis.

    I’ll be sending you an email later on tonight about what you discussed before, I think we’re ready to kick this off, your blog jumped 25+ positions on the BTS ranks. 😉

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