Link building by being a guest blogger

More often than not, bloggers hit a mental brick wall which would hinder their creativity when producing new posts. Every blogger has experienced this at least once for many different personal and environmental reasons that forces them to stop blogging for a few days or even weeks. This is where a guest blogger comes in to save the day.

As with most popular / regular bloggers, there are always days when you just feel under the weather and can’t think of anything productive to write. You don’t want to talk about your day at work as it would bore your readers, nor do you wish to write about your mediocre relationships. So you invite one of your fellow bloggers within the same niche network to help you guest blog for a day or two.

Now if you are privileged enough to be asked to guest blog, take up the challenge and write an engaging post. This is a chance for you to “redirect” some traffic to your blog and this would be dependent on the quality of your blog post. You will also have the chance to link build by planting a few links back to your own blog for free. This is basically a win win situation for both you and the owner of the blog as he/she gets free content and you get free link and exposure.

A word of warning though, do not create too many links or self promote too much, it will make your blog post undesirable as well as desperate. The owner of the blog may also feel insulted that you took advantage of his/her guest blog invite and develop a sour taste of you. Keep the guest blog post relevant, interesting and thought provoking where possible. If you’ve done everything correctly, you will build a solid relationship with the blog owner, attract new readers, obtain one way quality links and even get your voice heard by a larger audience.

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