Ranking for Australian SEO Blog

Talk about long tail eh, I’m ranking 5th for “Australian SEO Blog” and ranking 8th for the keyword “Australian seo” on Google Australia. I think I might devote a month or so into trying to rank first for both of these keywords as well as related Aussie SEO stuff.

I was actually initially ranking 12th for “Australian seo” but with a change of my home page title, I was able to move up 4 ranking positions. Its amazing what the little things you do can affect your rankings (on Google atleast). I am unfortunately not ranking at all on Yahoo Australia, so I guess my SEO efforts for Google did not pass over to Yahoo after all.

Will update you guys on what happens over time, in the meantime follow me in Twitter @sicnarftea

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  1. bart jawien, 9. April 2009, 17:50

    very nice buddy


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