Australian SEO rankings up from 8th to 6th within 4 days

Ok, I’ve been documenting my rankings for the keyword “australian seo” on Google Australia after I changed my page title. From my last post, my rankings have moved up from ranking 8th, to ranking 6th within 4 days. So for thoes who thinks onsite changes for SEO are useless, think again.

Anyways, this is a very good experiment to demostrate the effectiveness of content changes as well as onsite SEO changes on search engine rankings. I am aiming for the first place position for the keyword “Australian SEO” and expect to achieve this within the next month.

I will continue to document the ranking changes using Tangobee Web Rankings / position checker


  1. Jeffro, 14. April 2009, 15:34

    Well done Francis. You really are a true SEO geek.

  2. Awxus, 16. April 2009, 0:02

    I am Agree with you Jeffro, Franis done great job, He has enough SEO Knowledge

  3. Morgan Rees, 9. March 2011, 14:22

    There’s no way to guarantee that this movement came as a result of your changes. A two position movement could easily be due to minor algorithmic changes or other factors. This is not a ‘very good experiment’ because it is not conclusive.

  4. Francis Lee, 11. March 2011, 12:53

    @Morgan you are absolutely correct, I can’t guarantee that the movement came directly as a result to my changes. Having said this, it also means that no one can really ever be certain that any changes to rankings can be linked directly to their SEO effort as there are too many “other factors” to be considered.

    This post is very old and I have since lost that ranking but I won’t speculate why as it could be algorithmic changes, lack of posting, lost of links, competitive activity or Google just don’t like me.

    Edit: oh yeh, the position increased from 12th to 4th ranking actually, in span of i think 12 days, might’ve been a lucky break, who knows.

  5. B. Jack, 27. June 2011, 21:02

    Really good …. it is possible only doing hard work..all the best..

  6. Computer Networking, 4. August 2011, 21:49

    I think its not possible…. so much ranking within so less time period….


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