Google Launches Real Time search, Time to say goodbye to Twitter Search

I guess we all saw it coming, it was really only a matter of time before Google invests in having real time search results at a click of a button like Twitter. Ofcourse, the difference between Twitter search and Google is that Twitter only shows tweets where as Google shows actual quality results (including tweets). Come on, we all know Twitter is dead, its really only a matter of months before people realises this.

This blog posts probably sounds like an “I hate twitter” post but don’t get me wrong, I use twitter on a daily basis and love it for certain things however I am still struggling to understand how useful it really is to an average online user. I mean I use it to communicate with fellow search marketers but would not use it to have a conversation with my friends (like why would anyone seriuosly?). But I digress, this is a post about Google’s real time search…

For thoes who are looking for iPhone 3.0 updates or Android Cupcake updates, you’ll understand when I say that ordering the search results by freshness is definitely important. I previously had to troll through Google News results to find the Cupcake 1.5 update which didn’t really give me much information as its all from “quality” new sources and not from common users like me. Google News obviously didn’t cut it but Google search give me results that were relevant in terms of content but “old”, some even dating back to 2007.

Trust me when I say that having the choice to choose “fresh” content is a very welcomed feature. Anyways, now that Google can display fresh search results, whats the point of having Twitter search? The number of reasons for having a Twitter account just drops on a daily basis doesn’t it?



  1. Onde Vai estar o Ronaldo, 19. May 2009, 3:07

    how do you activate these options? in my google they simply don´t appear anywhere.

  2. Buat Duit Online, 1. July 2009, 14:23

    Wait till Google Wave shows up, that will be the death of twitter.

  3. Amoureuse, 10. July 2009, 0:03

    its in google labs 😉

    good job. ive never liked that twitter search.

  4. Tom from Herbal Fiberblend, 7. August 2009, 20:03

    I agree about Twitter – it seems to use up alot of my time for a small return – I haven’t used Google feature but will have a look at it next time I need to find the latest release/patch for something. The problem is once Twitter is gone something will come up and take its place!

  5. Engage Marketing, 8. January 2010, 16:34

    Finally someone with a similar opinion to me on Twitter. A lot of people have said that its just a fad and look at it at a basic level, but i think you summed it up perfectly when you said that its only useful for communicating with people from your industry.

    The problem is that the majority of twitter users are professionals from a small number of industries (usually marketing related).


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