Comment spam dropping recently

Seems like there has been a significant decrease in comment spam after I upgraded my wordpress to the latest version (2.2 or something). Not that I am complaining, just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced a drop in comment spam. I usually login to my wordpress account with about 50 spam comments trapped out by Akismet, but after my recent wordpress update, I get one spam comment every four days. Massive improvement from before and best part is I don’t need to flick through the mountain of spam to check for any legitimate comments.

My organic traffic seems to have gone up as well for some uncanny reason, not 100% sure if this is directly related to comment spam or not, but its definitely something to be happy about.  By the way, for those who don’t already know, I do not put link condoms on people who comment on my blog. They follow through to the commentor’s URL if available, which is just a little gesture from me, take it as a “thank you for commenting” gesture. With the recent drop in comment spam, I don’t mind having this special feature for people who leaves constructive comment no my blog.


  1. ClickFire, 10. September 2007, 10:41

    I haven’t noticed any drop in spam after upgrading. It’s about the same or more for me 🙁

  2. Francis Lee, 10. September 2007, 10:43

    Hm… unless its because my website is currently not being found as much (via search engines I suppose) by those spam bots and such. If that is the case, then its not a good thing as it probably means that my rankings have dropped as well 🙁


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