New Webcomic on marketing – SMSU

Recently started a new webcomic using on marketing, internet and various other topics. I have been wanting to do that for a pretty long time and its great to finally get a chance to do it using an online comic maker. Check out my new comic at – SMSU is short for “Sell Me Something Useless”

I personally can’t draw for crap but using I was able to make a pretty decent web comic in a matter of minutes. Anyways, enough talk, check out my first comic strip below.

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  1. Mid Mo Mortgage, 2. February 2010, 6:18

    This is hilarious because it hits so close to home.

    I’ve had to explain this to friends and family all the time. 90% of the time I just reply “It’s a long story. I just market businesses and leave it at that.” 🙂


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