Heath Ledger – A Great Aussie actor died today

Today is a sad day as our very own Heath Ledger was found dead at approximately 3:35pm(EST) in New York today (currently the 22nd of January 2008 for New Yorkers). He was found by his house keeper and cause of death seems to be a drug overdose.

I’ve actually liked watching Heath Ledger movies since I saw him on “Ten things I hate about you” and I was really looking forward to him in Batman – The Dark Knight. Such a tradgic event happening to an incredibly talented Australian actor brings sadness to me. But there is one thing I would like to say to everyone who is reading –


Lets take a minute to remember the work of a great Aussie actor, Heath Ledger.


  1. Elisha, 23. January 2008, 9:14

    I cant believe he has died i loved him, he was a great actor and to die so young it upsets me alot, what made him take a drug overdose i think he must of been depressed.

  2. Francis Lee, 23. January 2008, 9:22

    Seems like all information points to depression, he might’ve been under heaps of pressure. I think its best to find a way to help people who are on drugs, get them off it so they can lead a normal life again.

  3. monica, 23. January 2008, 10:12

    What a waste to lose such a beautiful young man in the prime of his life. Satan is really permeating the system with his evil ways. We really need to keep vigilent to his evil designs.

  4. Noble Alvin, 27. January 2008, 21:00

    This is a sad news. The fans would surely lament on his death. So long Heath Ledger


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