A must buy to keep mosquitoes away from your face!

So what do you do when there are heaps of mosquitoes around? Well you wrap a fly net around your head ofcourse! What better way to keep mozzies at bay than to have your very own portable fly & mosquito repellent strapped straight to your face!

Products from china never cease to amaze me with their manufacturing of incredibly useless products and really stupid names. Their latest comical product, the “Mosquito Head Net” can be purchased at your local dollar store for only two dollar!

Now, even YOU can look like a complete tool whilst keeping your face safe from mosquitoes without investing in a $5 can of insect repellent.



  1. Jodeci, 5. February 2009, 23:15

    Hah, that’s a great way to make friends!

    Still, did you see the recent article where Bill Gates let out a bunch of mosquitoes in a conference to make a point on malaria? That would have been useful there~!

  2. Kiwi Asian, 16. February 2009, 10:33

    only TWO dollar

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  4. Melanie Romasanta, 29. May 2009, 23:03

    Haha. You sure can keep mosquitos out but you carry the humiliation with you all the way. 🙂 You’d look like someone who was fished out of the ocean.



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