How to check Supplementary Results on Google

I have recently been riddled with supplementary results related questions at work and from clients, mainly after the recent Google update (Buffy) in April I believe. Unfortunately, Google also decided to remove the supplementary results checking command which we have all depended on for quiet some time. For those who can’t remember what it was here it is again. *** -asdf

A funny way to check what pages are in supplementary but heck it worked for quiet some time. Now that it has been removed, I have been hitting brick walls when it comes to optimising bad performance pages (in terms of traffic referred to by Google). So I have decided to research a good and trust worthy way of obtaining information on the pages of your website which are in the supplementary index on Google.

Thanks to my daily dosage of SEOMoz‘s blog posts and what not, I discovered a neat tool which was built by a member of the seo community, nick name SiteMost. You can use their supplementary results tool to find out which pages you have in the supplementary index and hopefully you can use their information to better your website.

In all honesty, I have no idea why the query for the supplementary results were taken away, it helps us make build a more user and search engine friendly website which ultimately benefits the online community. Either way, lucky there are people like Sitemost who can provide us with great tools when Google decides to screw with us.


  1. Andreas Mueller, 3. August 2007, 1:04

    We had the same questions about the supplemental results and came upon this Google blog that is very helpful:
    Also check out Matt Cutts’s video.

  2. John, 3. August 2007, 15:49

    I believe Google has removed the ability to view supplementary results (1-AUG-2007)
    The supplemantal tag on the Google query results has been removed too.

    SiteMost doesn’t return any supplementary results.

  3. Francis Lee, 3. August 2007, 21:43

    Its unfortunate but true, and only until i ventured into did I realise that it was removed, actually wrote a new blog post regarding the removal of supplemental result tag from the Google index. So frustrating since I’ve been using this for such a long time


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