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Australian SEO Ranking Update – from 6th to 4th on 8 days

Ok, I know no one really cares about my rankings but I thought I’d continue to keep track of the keyword “Australian SEO” which I am now ranked 4th on Google Australia. This is a very dramatic change from the 6th position just 8 days ago. I have not done anything to the website and have made no further SEO changes. One thing that did change is the frequence of my posts.

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Australian SEO rankings up from 8th to 6th within 4 days

Ok, I’ve been documenting my rankings for the keyword “australian seo” on Google Australia after I changed my page title. From my last post, my rankings have moved up from ranking 8th, to ranking 6th within 4 days. So for thoes who thinks onsite changes for SEO are useless, think again.

Anyways, this is a very good experiment to demostrate the effectiveness of content changes as well as onsite SEO changes on search engine rankings. I am aiming for the first place position for the keyword “Australian SEO” and expect to achieve this within the next month.

I will continue to document the ranking changes using Tangobee Web Rankings / position checker

Ranking for Australian SEO Blog

Talk about long tail eh, I’m ranking 5th for “Australian SEO Blog” and ranking 8th for the keyword “Australian seo” on Google Australia. I think I might devote a month or so into trying to rank first for both of these keywords as well as related Aussie SEO stuff.

I was actually initially ranking 12th for “Australian seo” but with a change of my home page title, I was able to move up 4 ranking positions. Its amazing what the little things you do can affect your rankings (on Google atleast). I am unfortunately not ranking at all on Yahoo Australia, so I guess my SEO efforts for Google did not pass over to Yahoo after all.

Will update you guys on what happens over time, in the meantime follow me in Twitter @sicnarftea

Twitter is DEAD! Its cool, I can chill. Hurry up. (well.. down temporarily kinda)

well.. not its not actually dead, just down for unscheduled maintainence, I just wanted to rant about it being down, but realised I couldn’t rant on Twitter about it (ironic). This brings me to a new point of realisation, that I use Twitter to rant (whinge) about stuff all the time. Anyways, just thought I’d share the news…

My old posts are still getting traffic

Don’t you love it when your old posts still get heaps of traffic even though its like written a few years ago. I guess certain topics never get old. I wrote a post about how to restart your Apple iPod mainly for my own reference but it seems that it has moved up on Google rankings with more and more people finding the post useful. Read more »