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This is a blog post to see how quickly I get index

Well, like all SEO geeks, I am very curious as to how quickly I get indexed. The last time I actually kept track (a few months ago), my blog entry was indexed in approximately 7mins on I am assuming this post will be indexed at about the same time, however I’m going to take a screenshot to keep record of how long it takes Google to index my blog posts.

Well here we go, *fingers crossed* =)

Text Ads in Google’s Image Search?! Woot?

Here I was minding my own business, running a quick image search for cars and to my surprise, I saw text ads above the images, yes Google Adwords text ads above images. Ok, this may not be new for people in other countries but I am pretty sure this is new in Australia (unless I am super behind with whats happening at Googleplex).

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Another dating scam email from Poland!

Well, its another day and another dating scam email. Recently been receiving alot more dating scam emails than before, must be that people are getting more lonely online and are falling victim to blatantly obviously scams. Not to burst your bubble but if a model like girl starts emailing you out of no where with very VERY poor english and the intention to “make babies” with you, then its probably a scam. I fully aware that some may think that the above could possibly be for real, however, as the old saying goes “If its too good to be true, then its probably a scam”.

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