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Microsoft Live Search upgrades in hopes to gain market share in search

Microsoft has finally decided that they don’t want to be number two (or three or four for that matter) anymore when it comes to search and has supposedly matched Google’s search relevancy as well as surpassed Yahoo’s search relevancy. As with many news that comes out of Microsoft, you need to take it with a grain of salt and hearing that they have beaten Yahoo at their own game (which mind you they have been doing for 13 years)  over night seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

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Touch Graph – A way to find relationship between websites via URLs or Keywords

I just came across an incredible relationship mapping tool which determines website relationships via either Keywords or URLs as seen by Google. The tool itself is simple enough, programmed in Java and presented in a very neat looking web 2.0 type of structure. However, the information which it presents is incredibly insightful and very very useful. Read more »

Hey hey, I got myself a South Park character!

Not, everyday do you get the chance to make your very own ridiculously ugly South Park character. Luckily for me, and many thanks to the guys over at, I got the chance to create a random South Park and here it is, admire it with you can!

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Google Webmaster tools got an facelift

Just noticed that Google webmaster tools received a face lift over the weekend, not only that, it seems like it has been given some new features! With the new design Google Webmaster tools (GWT) seems to be significantly more streamline, easier to use with the Ajax features and atleast more organised. Read more »

George Bush and Tony Blair sings Endless Love Music Video

Its not everyday you get to see George Bush sing, let alone a duet with Tony Blair singing Endless love (by Lionel Richie).

Just for the sake of making things interesting, I have included the lyrics below so for those who are interested, they can sing along. Read more »

Cheese on the Moon? Google says Yes

Just made an interesting discovery today after reading B&T, it turns out that Google actually hides easter eggs (basically a nerdy way to say special hidden treats, usually used to describe secret locations/items in games) in their products. As everyone should know already, Google has always been trying to be fun and innovative with their products, but since all of them are free (atleast the ones we actually use), I guess it gives them the right to do things which other companies dare not do to their paid products. Read more »