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Spy on your competitor’s traffic with Traffic Estimator

I am sure that every SEO has once dreamed of prying into a competitor’s (or a client’s competitor) traffic stats. Now there is no accurate way of doing this and most of the scripts I’ve used thus far have been pretty misleading, however one does stand tall above all other traffic estimators. Read more »

Spam comments provide targeted keywords tailored for high ROI

I have been reading spam comments on my blog for the past week, monitoring where they are coming from and what their intentions are. I usually just delete them on sight and for some uncanny reason, the number of spam has been dropping dramatically. However, I have noticed that most spam comments have laser targeted keywords which would directly increase their ROI. Read more »

My blog is now worth $27,097.92 according to Technorati!

My blog is worth $27,097.92.
How much is your blog worth?

Not long ago, I made a blog post about my blog being worth a grand total of $3,951.78 USD, well now it has zoomed all the way up to $27,097.92 USD according to the cool widget made by Business Opportunity weblog which checks the number of inbound links from the almighty Technorati databases.

Heck, I am finally closing in on $50,000 USD, gotta keep up the good work. By the way, for those who don’t know, this is completely fictionally and my blog is not really worth the advertised $27kUSD. Just to clarify things, my blog is not really of monetary value to anyone, mainly because the domain and the blog name is under my actually my name and its a complete ego boosting blog on things which doesn’t affect many Australians.

Anyway, just for fun head over to the “How much is your blog worth” widget and to check out how much your blog is worth.

Thinking up a topic for content generation via Keyword Research / Mining

We’ve all had problems, one way or another, when it comes to content generation. Be it for a blog or for a company website, or even for a client of yours. The main problem which I will address in this post is the process of formulating a topic within your niche to write about, which is one of the most common problem you will encounter during your content generation process.
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Ad placement formula change for Google Adwords

Seems the guys at the plex have decided to updated the way Google text based advertisements are being displayed and organised. This change should help improve the way ads are promoted to the top position on Google search engine result pages. Read more »

Comment spam dropping recently

Seems like there has been a significant decrease in comment spam after I upgraded my wordpress to the latest version (2.2 or something). Not that I am complaining, just wanted to know if anyone else has experienced a drop in comment spam. Read more »

Blackberry increases productivity but helps lose relationships

Ok, maybe the title is abit harsh, but there is no doubt that Rim’s Mobile email device BlackBerry does contribute to workers losing touch with their friends and family. There has been many studies that proves that the Blackberry completely removes down time, however it also means that workers has longer working hours. Read more »

Speeding Teens who can’t really drive

Well, I have a few words I really want to say to you, and this has been on my mind for quiet some time now. You know all those times when you tail gate me, when you cut into my lane without indicating, run red lights, ignore everyone’s safety by speed and everything in between. Read more »

Supplemental Results Tag Removed from Google SERPs

Just when I thought I found the answer to looking up Supplemental result pages within the Google Index, the giant search engine decides to completely remove the notion of “supplemental results” from their index. This doesn’t actually mean that they have removed all supplemental pages, they just removed the “label” of supplemental results from their index, where by giving us as webmasters no indication of whether or not our pages are seen as low quality or not. Read more »

DC Marketing Missed Mobile Phone Call spammer fined $150,000AUD

Well I’ll be damned, the missed call marketing company DC Marketing Europe was fined $150,000AUD on the 24th of July 2007 for breaching the Australian Spam Act between June and July of 2006. I for one have fallen victim to these extremely annoying and costly spam calls and have cursed the company behind it many times. Well now its time for us to rejoice as these spammers have got what they deserved. Read more »

How to check Supplementary Results on Google

I have recently been riddled with supplementary results related questions at work and from clients, mainly after the recent Google update (Buffy) in April I believe. Unfortunately, Google also decided to remove the supplementary results checking command which we have all depended on for quiet some time. For those who can’t remember what it was here it is again. Read more »