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This is something for emo people

I have nothing against emo people, but these following clips really cracked me up. These are definitely must sees for people who knows anyone who is emo. Warning, if you are emo, don’t watch this, and if you do then don’t blame me for anything that you do to yourself. Read more »

Removal of malicious links from Adwords

Though I personally have never experienced this before, it seems that there has been multiple accounts of Adwords purchased links which takes users to “unfriendly” websites that tries to install malicious software on visiting users. Luckily, Google has finally taken action to remove (hopefully ban) these Adwords accounts and continual effort has been made to prevent this from ever happening again. Read more »

People actually search for Francis Lee

It came to me as a surprise, mainly because its a name of no relevance and no meaning, secondly because I am pretty much a no body. However, after I installed HitTail, a long tail search term analyser to help me target different terms, I realised that people actually do find my website via searching my name. Read more »

Do we actually need Meta Keywords for SEO?

One of the most commonly asked question, but also the most useless question asked. In my opinion and from my experience, having meta keywords does not contribute TOO much when it comes to rankings, however having it won’t get you a lot more traffic, but it won’t hurt you either. Read more »

Cityrail trains ruined by a*$holes who vandalise

Since I seem to be in the mood to talk about CityRail and how they cancel trains to trains being late, I decided to just write a little about how a few minority groups stuff up the trains for everyone else. Yes I am talking about the a*$holes who vandalise trains just so they can get a temporary high. Read more »

City rail cancel trains to stop trains being late

The title, in itself, should already not make sense for most people who live in Australia (New South Wales). The notion of canceling trains to prevent them being late is ludicrous and should have never been used as a method to combat late trains in the first place. Read more »

Really REALLY big lobster for dinner

Just wanted to share my dinner with you guys over the internet, its one really REALLY big lobster (total of 4kgs). There is only four people having dinner tonight here, so this seems may seem a bit over the top to me. Anyways, enjoy the view before it gets eaten (I apologise to vegetarians). Read more »

Mood tagging – A way to tag anything with a mood or emotion

This is a weird one and I don’t believe it has been done yet, but the idea is relatively basic and I couldn’t find any competitive advantage over existing tagging (based) websites. Either way, I felt it was a good idea at the time and I will now dispense this so that someone else can implement it. I only ask that you at least send me an email if you decide to take this idea as your owns. Don’t worry, I don’t want any money from you, I just want to know if it was successful or not, I wouldn’t mind if you gave me credit as we =). Read more »

Readers motivate bloggers to write more for readers

As the title says it, readers motivates bloggers to write more so that readers have more stuff to read. Its a never ending cycle in the blogosphere, that is unless one or the other suddenly changes. However if all things remain the same, bloggers will go into a never ending cycle of blogging about their life of things that they don’t really care about. Read more »

The importance of branding and marketing online

As a search engine optimiser, I spend most of my time performing tasks to help websites rank higher on Google Serps. These tasks include link building, content creation, on page optimisations and creating link baits. Although these tasks can directly affect the position a website is placed on the SERPs, it does little to establish an active relationship with potential customers. This is when branding and general online marketing comes into play. Read more »

The taste of an exotic Nepalese dinner

Had the chance to experience a Nepalese dinner tonight, though the flavors reminded me of your typical Indian dinner. Regardless the dinner was very “exotic” and was well worth a try. Nepalese food seem to mainly consists of spicy ingredients, much like Indian food, but we decided to order something which was not spicy in nature. Read more »

Google Adsense publishing as a business model – feasible or not

Google Adsense, an advertising program which allows web masters to publish advertisements on their website has been around for quite some time. It has been a known way to monetize websites, mostly be bloggers and content based websites. However, in light of a debate whether using Adsense as a solid business model is feasible or not, I decided to write this post as to why I use Adsense and if I believe it can generate a solid income for others. Read more »

Adsense Revenue dropped after using Competitive Ad filter

I have noticed a significant drop in traffic after I started using the competitive ad filter to remove MFA (Made for adsense) ads from my website. To be exact, my revenue dropped by 90% per day, it affect the CTR as well as average CPC. I, much like other Adsense publishers, are really anal about which ad we want to display and which we want to filter, and by using the the Competitive ad filter, we can achieve this to ultimately increase adsense revenue. Little did I know that the exact opposite would happen. Read more »

Page titles, the most important on page optimisation

It is undeniable that page titles are the most important on page optimisation as well as the easiest to implement. Unfortunately, a lot of webmasters tend to forget the existent of such a tag in their html, hence completely forgetting to alter it to something other than the dreaded default “Untitled”. Read more »

Self motivational material to get you going

The video below is of a speech made supposedly by Kurt Vonnegut at MIT, 1997. However it has been many people speculating that it was all fictionally made up by a Mary Schmich. Its very interesting and extremely motivational so press play and see if you get touched by his (or her) words. Read more »

How to restart your Apple iPod when it crashes / hangs

You and I both know that ipods sometimes crash, as great a product as it is, it still has its cons. The bad side of the ipod crashing or hanging is that there is no way to remove the battery for a hard reboot of the ipod’s internal software. Read more »

Damn you optus for capping my internet!

You heard me DAMN YOU TO HELL, how can I work under these capped internet speed (28.8k to be exact), and its barely past the middle of the month. Read more »

Can blogging make you rich or not?

Recently, there has been many articles online and offline (on magazines such as Cosmo and Cleo – my fiance reads them) regarding people getting famous by blogging online. Of course fame and riches goes hand in hand in most cases and the people mentioned are most certainly a lot more well of than they were before they started blogging. Read more »

Teenage mutant ninja turtles with Bianca at the movies

Equals a lot of fun, I haven’t been to the movies for AT LEAST one year, and its real great that I finally got to watch a movie with Bianca. We’ve been saying that we’d watch something together for the past 3 months, but due to different commitments in life and general laziness, we tend to skip it and just stay at home. Read more »

How to get a new website indexed on Google fast

Following up on my post yesterday regarding slow or non indexing of a newly launched website, I have decided to post up a few tips and tricks to get your website indexed within three working days (others claim they can do it within 24 hours, but I doubt there is any truth behind that). Read more »

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