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Understanding local search and the benefits to your business

Local search provides businesses with great opportunities, but these opportunities must be kept in perspective and expectations realistic. Business owners must understand that depending on their products or services, there may or may not be a large volume of people within their local area searching for them online.

Why all Australian businesses need an online presence

There is little doubt that local business, regardless if you are a plumber or a lawyer, requires an online presence. This fact has become increasingly evident over the past few years as more and more Australians join the online revolution. However, the majority of local businesses are still paying a large amount of money for their paper directory subscription with little to no results.

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Text Ads in Google’s Image Search?! Woot?

Here I was minding my own business, running a quick image search for cars and to my surprise, I saw text ads above the images, yes Google Adwords text ads above images. Ok, this may not be new for people in other countries but I am pretty sure this is new in Australia (unless I am super behind with whats happening at Googleplex).

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Photos of the iProspect Australia stand at Ad-Tech Sydney

As promised (though it is a little late) a few photos of the iProspect Australia stand at Ad-Tech Sydney. As mentioned in my early post, the iProspect stand would literally “stand out” and heck did it stand out. Let me just say that the stand was GOLD.

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Find me at Adtech Sydney – Hilton Hotel

Come join me and many other online interactive marketers at Sydney’s Adtech at the Hilton Hotel on the 12th and 13th of March 2008. Read more »

Google Adwords CPC Inflation – More Money More Money

I am not sure if its just me but are the CPC on Google Adwords starting to inflate alot faster than usual? I have been running accounts for clients on multiple verticals and have started to see an increasing trend on CPC inflation. I know Australia is going through inflation but is that directly affecting the online market?

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Shameless Self pimping on MyBlogLog (for SEO mainly)

Is it just me or is MyBlogLog becoming like a shameless self pimping / viral link building community where a bunch of internet marketers gather to generate as much link value to their MyBlogLog page as possible. Do not that your the link on MyBlogLog to your websites are followed hence all that juicey internal links you get within MyBlogLog flows straight to your website.

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The importance of branding and marketing online

As a search engine optimiser, I spend most of my time performing tasks to help websites rank higher on Google Serps. These tasks include link building, content creation, on page optimisations and creating link baits. Although these tasks can directly affect the position a website is placed on the SERPs, it does little to establish an active relationship with potential customers. This is when branding and general online marketing comes into play. Read more »