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New Google Search Results Page May 2010

Ok, I know some of you guys have probably had this interface for the past couple of weeks already, however it has only just appeeared for me and I’m kinda annoyed that it has. I can understand why there have been some design changes, but the first thing that really struck me was the similarity between the new Google results page, and the existing Bing results page. Like seriously, of all search engines, you go and copy Bing….
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Australian SEO Rankings Dropped on Google

Ok, I haven’t blogged for awhile due to a busy lifestyle which is keeping me very far away from my website, as well as Twitter for thoes who follow me. Anyways, I was using to check out how my website looks on a text browser, and to my surprise I fould hundreds of spamy links on the footer of my homepage. Atfirst I thought was just broken as I would never add random links to spam websites. But it turns outI got hacked!

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Google Launches Real Time search, Time to say goodbye to Twitter Search

I guess we all saw it coming, it was really only a matter of time before Google invests in having real time search results at a click of a button like Twitter. Ofcourse, the difference between Twitter search and Google is that Twitter only shows tweets where as Google shows actual quality results (including tweets). Come on, we all know Twitter is dead, its really only a matter of months before people realises this.

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Australian SEO Ranking Update – from 6th to 4th on 8 days

Ok, I know no one really cares about my rankings but I thought I’d continue to keep track of the keyword “Australian SEO” which I am now ranked 4th on Google Australia. This is a very dramatic change from the 6th position just 8 days ago. I have not done anything to the website and have made no further SEO changes. One thing that did change is the frequence of my posts.

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Australian SEO rankings up from 8th to 6th within 4 days

Ok, I’ve been documenting my rankings for the keyword “australian seo” on Google Australia after I changed my page title. From my last post, my rankings have moved up from ranking 8th, to ranking 6th within 4 days. So for thoes who thinks onsite changes for SEO are useless, think again.

Anyways, this is a very good experiment to demostrate the effectiveness of content changes as well as onsite SEO changes on search engine rankings. I am aiming for the first place position for the keyword “Australian SEO” and expect to achieve this within the next month.

I will continue to document the ranking changes using Tangobee Web Rankings / position checker

Ranking for Australian SEO Blog

Talk about long tail eh, I’m ranking 5th for “Australian SEO Blog” and ranking 8th for the keyword “Australian seo” on Google Australia. I think I might devote a month or so into trying to rank first for both of these keywords as well as related Aussie SEO stuff.

I was actually initially ranking 12th for “Australian seo” but with a change of my home page title, I was able to move up 4 ranking positions. Its amazing what the little things you do can affect your rankings (on Google atleast). I am unfortunately not ranking at all on Yahoo Australia, so I guess my SEO efforts for Google did not pass over to Yahoo after all.

Will update you guys on what happens over time, in the meantime follow me in Twitter @sicnarftea

This is a blog post to see how quickly I get index

Well, like all SEO geeks, I am very curious as to how quickly I get indexed. The last time I actually kept track (a few months ago), my blog entry was indexed in approximately 7mins on I am assuming this post will be indexed at about the same time, however I’m going to take a screenshot to keep record of how long it takes Google to index my blog posts.

Well here we go, *fingers crossed* =)

Text Ads in Google’s Image Search?! Woot?

Here I was minding my own business, running a quick image search for cars and to my surprise, I saw text ads above the images, yes Google Adwords text ads above images. Ok, this may not be new for people in other countries but I am pretty sure this is new in Australia (unless I am super behind with whats happening at Googleplex).

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Google Knol – A wikipedia competitor but will it win?

Looks like Google has finally decided to launch a user generated encyclopedia (pretty much Wikipedia but owned by Google) called Google Knol. Already having stiff competition on the playing field, which consists of Wikipedia, Scholarpedia and Helium, will Google Knol really make that much of a difference?

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Amazon tells Google Teleport to shove it

Amazon, the worlds largest online retailer of books has given Google a big slap in the face over their new Teleporting site search bar. As per my previous post regarding Google’s second search bar, which was named Teleport or Teleporting, this feature provided users with a method of searching deeper within a selected website and helps Google increase revenue (as users are being exposed to more ads). This site search bar was developed under pressure from their investors to “Go back to their core business and raise revenue”.

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A few Top SEO Firefox plugins that I use

full-v-lockup-207×300_0.jpgI am a fan of the Mozilla Firefox browser, have been for awhile and will be until some other amazing browser appears (which would probably be off the Mozilla code base anyways). Like all Firefox fans, I have a few awesome plugins which I use on every install on every computer. Most of them help with my SEO efforts and some are just play cool to use regardless. Here I will document the ones which I use primarily for my Search Engine Optimisation purposes as well as development purposes.

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Google’s second search bar helps users teleport!

Google has recently (Yesterday to be exact) added a second search bar within the Search results page to help users fine tune their results. This is in hope that users can get more specific results for a broader topic. This is what Google calls “Teleporting”.

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Scraper Duplicate Content Sites – Do they affect your search rankings?

In short no, the worse that could happen is that you get frustrated another website has stolen your work and repurposed it as their own. I currently have atleast 50 scraper websites with my content on them, be it abstracts of my blog posts or complete rip offs, however none of them have affected my rankings on Google (I don’t really care about Yahoo or MSN Live to tell the truth).

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Website Delisted from Google – Wonder why hmm

Well, I’ve been shamelessly promoting my new educational websites in previous posts and everything was going fine until today. I had a quick health check on two of my international websites – Learning How Germany and Learning How Italy, and to my surprise both of them have been delisted from Google.

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Google Adwords CPC Inflation – More Money More Money

I am not sure if its just me but are the CPC on Google Adwords starting to inflate alot faster than usual? I have been running accounts for clients on multiple verticals and have started to see an increasing trend on CPC inflation. I know Australia is going through inflation but is that directly affecting the online market?

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Wohoo, page rank toolbar update – now I’m PR4

Finally, after waiting for like 6 months, Google finally decided to update the page rank on their toolbars. Though I know it doesn’t really mean anything, its always great to see that you’re doing something right by having a significantly higher Page Rank than before (do note that my previous page rank was zero, hence any movement is good). Read more »

Microsoft Live Search upgrades in hopes to gain market share in search

Microsoft has finally decided that they don’t want to be number two (or three or four for that matter) anymore when it comes to search and has supposedly matched Google’s search relevancy as well as surpassed Yahoo’s search relevancy. As with many news that comes out of Microsoft, you need to take it with a grain of salt and hearing that they have beaten Yahoo at their own game (which mind you they have been doing for 13 years)  over night seems like a bit of a stretch to me.

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Google Webmaster tools got an facelift

Just noticed that Google webmaster tools received a face lift over the weekend, not only that, it seems like it has been given some new features! With the new design Google Webmaster tools (GWT) seems to be significantly more streamline, easier to use with the Ajax features and atleast more organised. Read more »

Spy on your competitor’s traffic with Traffic Estimator

I am sure that every SEO has once dreamed of prying into a competitor’s (or a client’s competitor) traffic stats. Now there is no accurate way of doing this and most of the scripts I’ve used thus far have been pretty misleading, however one does stand tall above all other traffic estimators. Read more »

Spam comments provide targeted keywords tailored for high ROI

I have been reading spam comments on my blog for the past week, monitoring where they are coming from and what their intentions are. I usually just delete them on sight and for some uncanny reason, the number of spam has been dropping dramatically. However, I have noticed that most spam comments have laser targeted keywords which would directly increase their ROI. Read more »

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