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The Best way to get a KFC Bucket delivered at the Cricket!

No one can deny that KFC is the bomb, and I have many fond memories of the KFC Bucket back in the hay days when I lived with my parents (big family = big KFC bucket). But what happens when you really REALLY need a KFC bucket and you’re stuck at the Cricket with no KFC in sight? Well you do what Mick does, fly it in with a helicopter! Watch how he does it here! Read more »

My old posts are still getting traffic

Don’t you love it when your old posts still get heaps of traffic even though its like written a few years ago. I guess certain topics never get old. I wrote a post about how to restart your Apple iPod mainly for my own reference but it seems that it has moved up on Google rankings with more and more people finding the post useful. Read more »

I have finally embraced Twitter – Follow me!

Ok, I never thought I’d say this but Twitter is actually pretty cool. At first I had no idea how I could use it and hence I decided to make it a private diary of what I do during the day. However when I started following people, I realised that it could actually be a very powerful social networking tool.

Anyways, no point for me to rant about the greatness of Twitter since there are heaps of posts out there that does that already. So for thoes who has Twitter already, Follow me @sicnarftea, for thoes who don’t, join twitter and check it out, follow everyone you know and use it for a few days. You’ll definitely be surprised! 


Photos of the iProspect Australia stand at Ad-Tech Sydney

As promised (though it is a little late) a few photos of the iProspect Australia stand at Ad-Tech Sydney. As mentioned in my early post, the iProspect stand would literally “stand out” and heck did it stand out. Let me just say that the stand was GOLD.

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5 cool things you can use Twitter for

Well, I sitting at work pondering how I can use Twitter without making too much effort and Viola! Below is a list of things that you could use Twitter for as promised.

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I use twitter more than I blog now!

Ok, you know the world is changing when you stop blogging completely and start writing “twits” which can be anything as short as a few words in place of the blog you ditched. That is exactly what I have been doing, twitting on Twitter.

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The new FHM – Relaunch of a men’s magazine

As we all know, the publishing industry has been a dying industry since the start of the internet and with the help of Google, this dying process has been quickened. However, despite the impending doom of the publishing industry, the guys behind FHM (ACP) have decided to invest in a relaunch of their magazine in hope to change consumer perception of FHM and in order to drive sales. We all know what happens to magazines owned by ACP which don’t meet target.

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When is Earth Hour in Sydney held?

Just a very quick remind for those who don’t know what Earth Hour is, it is a energy saving CO2 reducing initiative by the WWF, the largest environmental government in the world. Their aim is to get everyone on earth to turn their lights off for one hour every year to save energy.

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Earth Hour in Sydney – Its time to give back

I think its time for us to give back to the earth we live on, for far too long have we been wasting resources and killing the planet. The smallest changes in our lives can affect the planet in a very big way, and to demonstrate this Earth Hour was introduced. Read more »

Find me at Adtech Sydney – Hilton Hotel

Come join me and many other online interactive marketers at Sydney’s Adtech at the Hilton Hotel on the 12th and 13th of March 2008. Read more »

Website Delisted from Google – Wonder why hmm

Well, I’ve been shamelessly promoting my new educational websites in previous posts and everything was going fine until today. I had a quick health check on two of my international websites – Learning How Germany and Learning How Italy, and to my surprise both of them have been delisted from Google.

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Learning How Italy has Lift Off!

After two or so weeks worth of struggling to get translated to Italian and having the articles re-purposed so that people can read it in Italy, we have finally decided that everything is up to scratch and the launch of LearningHow Italy is the proof of that.

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LearningHow Spain launched Today!

After two or so weeks worth of struggling to get translated to Spanish and having the articles re-purposed so that people can read it in Spain, we have finally decided that everything is up to scratch and the launch of LearningHow Spain is the proof of that.

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LearningHow in Germany finally launched!

After two or so weeks worth of struggling to get translated to German and having the articles re-purposed so that people can read it in Germany, we have finally decided that everything is up to scratch and the launch of LearningHow Germany is the proof of that.

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Learning How – Online Education website goes International!

Well, it has been exactly 23 days since Learning How – Australia launched to educate everyone on things that matters in life. Within these short 23 days, Learning How has been radically upgraded and expanded with 30 different niche category of topics and over 1000 articles all up. Because of this, we have decided to promote Learning How in five different languages. Say hi to Learning How International – Online Education Network.

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Heath Ledger – A Great Aussie actor died today

Today is a sad day as our very own Heath Ledger was found dead at approximately 3:35pm(EST) in New York today (currently the 22nd of January 2008 for New Yorkers). He was found by his house keeper and cause of death seems to be a drug overdose.

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Learning How launches today!

Well its the the year 2008, 6th of January and already I have a new venture starting up. Yes, thats right, I have decided to start launching websites once again, and this year is prime time for me baby! I present to you Learning How, an article website dedicated to relatively educational topics.

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Australian Dating Directory launched

My good friend has recently just launched a new Aussie only dating (and dating related) directory of goodness =). It is still in its early stages of development and is currently unable to accept new dating related business contacts, but I am sure it would be up and running very soon. Until then feel free to jump on and maybe help yourself find a date (if you don’t already have one).

You never know, you just might get lucky and find the love of your life.

Check it out over at

MDwebhosting suspended my account for no reason

Mdwebhosting, my Australian web host decided to suspend my account for little to no reason one day (the 10th of June) to be exact. Atleast I thought it was for no reason at first, and I didn’t really have time to fix the problem due to a million things happening in my life. Fortunately, I had all my passwords and resource information on my Gmail account (thank god for Gmail) and was able to login to find out the reason why my account was blocked. Read more »

Linking in a blog makes the blogosphere go round

There has been a common misunderstanding that linking some how affects your ranking negatively, as though you bleed page rank or something. This is of course wrong and many websites have been penalised when not enough out bound links have been established. However, it doesn’t seem to affect bloggers as much as linking is one of the high lights for a post. Read more »

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