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Great new way to make money online –

Well, been surfing the net mindlessly as I always do and I came across an interesting website which allows webmasters to sell links. I know you’re thinking that you’ve been there done that, however this advertising network has a twist, it allows publishers to sell links on all pages of their website independently (which is completely different to sitewide links).

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Great wordpress plugin for AuctionAds – makes your life that much easier

Just found a really cool wordpress plugin for inserting AuctionAds within your blog posts. Its simple to install and offers a quick in text tagging feature to insert AuctionAds javascript code directly into your post. Its called the Easy AuctionAds V1.0 by a fellow SEO over at Virtual marketing blog.

AuctionAds – A new way for bloggers to earn money

I came across a new ads publishing medium called AuctionAds which displays eBay auctions related to your content. Much like Google Adsense, you are paid for every click as well as a commission (though only if the user who clicked through to the auction wins the item). Read more »

Adsense revenue profit increased after removal of Competitive Ad Filter

On my previous post, I discovered that after using Google Adsense’s Competitive ad filter my Ad impressions as well as CTR dropped dramatically. To be more specific, my revenue decreased by 90% after filtering undesirable ads from being displayed via the Adsense panels on my website. I have since removed the filters and have had very positive effects. Read more »

Google Adsense publishing as a business model – feasible or not

Google Adsense, an advertising program which allows web masters to publish advertisements on their website has been around for quite some time. It has been a known way to monetize websites, mostly be bloggers and content based websites. However, in light of a debate whether using Adsense as a solid business model is feasible or not, I decided to write this post as to why I use Adsense and if I believe it can generate a solid income for others. Read more »

Adsense Revenue dropped after using Competitive Ad filter

I have noticed a significant drop in traffic after I started using the competitive ad filter to remove MFA (Made for adsense) ads from my website. To be exact, my revenue dropped by 90% per day, it affect the CTR as well as average CPC. I, much like other Adsense publishers, are really anal about which ad we want to display and which we want to filter, and by using the the Competitive ad filter, we can achieve this to ultimately increase adsense revenue. Little did I know that the exact opposite would happen. Read more »

Can blogging make you rich or not?

Recently, there has been many articles online and offline (on magazines such as Cosmo and Cleo – my fiance reads them) regarding people getting famous by blogging online. Of course fame and riches goes hand in hand in most cases and the people mentioned are most certainly a lot more well of than they were before they started blogging. Read more »