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Finally, my very own delicious bookmark page

Been awhile since my last blog entry, but this is mainly due to the fact that I’ve started using Twitter and many other social media sites, including the very sexy Its also really cool how they have finally decided that the previous domain name was way too hard to remember. Regardless, you can check out all my bookmarks just incase you guys have nothing to do. This collection will obviously grow over time so you can check back later if you can’t find anything interesting yet.

Time to get linky to SEO news

Its time for me to get real linky by posting up great post from the many different SEO bloggers around the world. Read more »

So much to write, so little time to write it

I have recently been overwhelmed with work (at work) as a fellow colleague had to go on a Microsoft .net 2.0 course for a week. It seems that I have been put in the position where I must take on about 60% of his work load, which means I can’t really finish my own work, nor can I blog about SEO topics until the end of the week. Read more »