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New Google Search Results Page May 2010

Ok, I know some of you guys have probably had this interface for the past couple of weeks already, however it has only just appeeared for me and I’m kinda annoyed that it has. I can understand why there have been some design changes, but the first thing that really struck me was the similarity between the new Google results page, and the existing Bing results page. Like seriously, of all search engines, you go and copy Bing….
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Another dating scam email from Poland!

Well, its another day and another dating scam email. Recently been receiving alot more dating scam emails than before, must be that people are getting more lonely online and are falling victim to blatantly obviously scams. Not to burst your bubble but if a model like girl starts emailing you out of no where with very VERY poor english and the intention to “make babies” with you, then its probably a scam. I fully aware that some may think that the above could possibly be for real, however, as the old saying goes “If its too good to be true, then its probably a scam”.

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Finally, my very own delicious bookmark page

Been awhile since my last blog entry, but this is mainly due to the fact that I’ve started using Twitter and many other social media sites, including the very sexy Its also really cool how they have finally decided that the previous domain name was way too hard to remember. Regardless, you can check out all my bookmarks just incase you guys have nothing to do. This collection will obviously grow over time so you can check back later if you can’t find anything interesting yet.

Beavos the Canadian Business Directory

Just recently launched a new website called Beavos, essentially a business directory which is completely search engine friendly. Its international and the first country launched is Beavos Canada.

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Google Knol – A wikipedia competitor but will it win?

Looks like Google has finally decided to launch a user generated encyclopedia (pretty much Wikipedia but owned by Google) called Google Knol. Already having stiff competition on the playing field, which consists of Wikipedia, Scholarpedia and Helium, will Google Knol really make that much of a difference?

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5 cool things you can use Twitter for

Well, I sitting at work pondering how I can use Twitter without making too much effort and Viola! Below is a list of things that you could use Twitter for as promised.

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I use twitter more than I blog now!

Ok, you know the world is changing when you stop blogging completely and start writing “twits” which can be anything as short as a few words in place of the blog you ditched. That is exactly what I have been doing, twitting on Twitter.

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Mozilla Firefox 3 earns a place in the Guinness World Record

That’s right, thanks to the millions of people (8,002,530 to be exact) who download Firefox 3 during their launch on the 17th of June 2008, Firefox 3 has earnt their place in the Guinness World Record for achieving the record for the “largest number of software downloads in 24 hours.”

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Firefox 3 Download Day – 17th of June 2008

Download Day 2008Yes, thats right, Firefox 3 is finally complete after 34 months of development from the guys at Mozilla and many many contributors around the world and guess what, its out on the 17th of June 2008. Just to mix things up abit, Mozilla wants to set a crazy new Guinness world record of the most software downloads in 24 hours.

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I saw your profile and became interested in you – Romance Scam

Online Romance Scam – Hello My name is Fatima, i saw your profile today and became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and if you can send an email to my email address,i will give you my pictures here is my email address ( ******************* ) I believe we can move from here! Awaiting for your mail to my email address above. Fatima.

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The new FHM – Relaunch of a men’s magazine

As we all know, the publishing industry has been a dying industry since the start of the internet and with the help of Google, this dying process has been quickened. However, despite the impending doom of the publishing industry, the guys behind FHM (ACP) have decided to invest in a relaunch of their magazine in hope to change consumer perception of FHM and in order to drive sales. We all know what happens to magazines owned by ACP which don’t meet target.

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When is Earth Hour in Sydney held?

Just a very quick remind for those who don’t know what Earth Hour is, it is a energy saving CO2 reducing initiative by the WWF, the largest environmental government in the world. Their aim is to get everyone on earth to turn their lights off for one hour every year to save energy.

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Earth Hour in Sydney – Its time to give back

I think its time for us to give back to the earth we live on, for far too long have we been wasting resources and killing the planet. The smallest changes in our lives can affect the planet in a very big way, and to demonstrate this Earth Hour was introduced. Read more »

Official Sync for Outlook & Google Calendar – Thank God!

I’ve been scratching my head for awhile now regarding Google calendar and how to sync it with everything else that matters (mainly Outlook since thats permanently on for me). Unfortunately, there has been no way to do this without performing some crazy hack which is usually not a 2-way sync between Outlook and Google calendar. Chances are that I am not the only one who has been having headaches over the calendar syncing issues as Google has finally decided to give us a hand by release a little program that syncs Outlook with Google calendar – Thank god!

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Google’s second search bar helps users teleport!

Google has recently (Yesterday to be exact) added a second search bar within the Search results page to help users fine tune their results. This is in hope that users can get more specific results for a broader topic. This is what Google calls “Teleporting”.

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Learning How Italy has Lift Off!

After two or so weeks worth of struggling to get translated to Italian and having the articles re-purposed so that people can read it in Italy, we have finally decided that everything is up to scratch and the launch of LearningHow Italy is the proof of that.

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Plant a tree with Mount Franklin

Seems like quite a few big brands are endorsing being Green and caring for the planet. Take Mount Franklin (the bottled water company owned by Coke), they have decided to promote the planting of Trees around Australia to sustain life and build upon caring for the land.

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Stop Whaling by signing this petition

Haven’t blogged for awhile as it has been a very busy 4th quarter for me this year, however I definitely have time to spread word on whaling and how to stop it. Now I am all for seafood and stuff, but heck there needs to be a balance in nature and its come to the point where whaling needs to stop. Read more »

Hey hey, I got myself a South Park character!

Not, everyday do you get the chance to make your very own ridiculously ugly South Park character. Luckily for me, and many thanks to the guys over at, I got the chance to create a random South Park and here it is, admire it with you can!

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George Bush and Tony Blair sings Endless Love Music Video

Its not everyday you get to see George Bush sing, let alone a duet with Tony Blair singing Endless love (by Lionel Richie).

Just for the sake of making things interesting, I have included the lyrics below so for those who are interested, they can sing along. Read more »

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