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A must buy to keep mosquitoes away from your face!

So what do you do when there are heaps of mosquitoes around? Well you wrap a fly net around your head ofcourse! What better way to keep mozzies at bay than to have your very own portable fly & mosquito repellent strapped straight to your face!

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You know it’s hot when even THEY start leaving the country

We all know how hot Australia is this summer (2009), but you will seriously start getting worried when you see a kangaroo leave the country by sea. Below are a few photos (unknown source) of a kangaroo “going for a swim” in what seems like an attempt to leave the country. Scary stuff… scary stuff…

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Hey hey, I got myself a South Park character!

Not, everyday do you get the chance to make your very own ridiculously ugly South Park character. Luckily for me, and many thanks to the guys over at, I got the chance to create a random South Park and here it is, admire it with you can!

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George Bush and Tony Blair sings Endless Love Music Video

Its not everyday you get to see George Bush sing, let alone a duet with Tony Blair singing Endless love (by Lionel Richie).

Just for the sake of making things interesting, I have included the lyrics below so for those who are interested, they can sing along. Read more »

Etiquette in the Men’s restroom / washroom

I found this clip on youtube regarding a the etiquette within the men’s restroom. I think this will give an insight for girls who wonders what happens in the men’s room (nothing really). Humorous must watch video. Read more »