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How to check Supplementary Results on Google

I have recently been riddled with supplementary results related questions at work and from clients, mainly after the recent Google update (Buffy) in April I believe. Unfortunately, Google also decided to remove the supplementary results checking command which we have all depended on for quiet some time. For those who can’t remember what it was here it is again. Read more »

How to stop annoying telemarketers from calling you

Its a known fact that Australians suffer from annoying calls from overseas telemarketers. Worse of all, we get their calls at the most inappropriate times of the night, usually just before or during dinner. We are unable to get rid of them and some of us tend to stay as nice and calm as possible so that we don’t look like Red Necks. Luckily for us, our Australian government has decided that they will no longer tolerate telemarketers by opening a “Do Not Call” registry. Read more »

How to restart your Apple iPod when it crashes / hangs

You and I both know that ipods sometimes crash, as great a product as it is, it still has its cons. The bad side of the ipod crashing or hanging is that there is no way to remove the battery for a hard reboot of the ipod’s internal software. Read more »