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Understanding local search and the benefits to your business

Local search provides businesses with great opportunities, but these opportunities must be kept in perspective and expectations realistic. Business owners must understand that depending on their products or services, there may or may not be a large volume of people within their local area searching for them online.

Why all Australian businesses need an online presence

There is little doubt that local business, regardless if you are a plumber or a lawyer, requires an online presence. This fact has become increasingly evident over the past few years as more and more Australians join the online revolution. However, the majority of local businesses are still paying a large amount of money for their paper directory subscription with little to no results.

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Beavos the Canadian Business Directory

Just recently launched a new website called Beavos, essentially a business directory which is completely search engine friendly. Its international and the first country launched is Beavos Canada.

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Photos of the iProspect Australia stand at Ad-Tech Sydney

As promised (though it is a little late) a few photos of the iProspect Australia stand at Ad-Tech Sydney. As mentioned in my early post, the iProspect stand would literally “stand out” and heck did it stand out. Let me just say that the stand was GOLD.

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Taking blogging to a new level with Men’s Sense – Online Magazine

It’s been a dream of mine for awhile to start an online magazine company with quality content as well as unbiased journals writing for me. However, it has only been a dream and I never had the chance to start it. Well that was until I realised that Bloggers are the new Journals in today’s digital age. Say hi to Australia’s newest blog based Online Magazine – Men’s Sense Online Men’s Magazine

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The new FHM – Relaunch of a men’s magazine

As we all know, the publishing industry has been a dying industry since the start of the internet and with the help of Google, this dying process has been quickened. However, despite the impending doom of the publishing industry, the guys behind FHM (ACP) have decided to invest in a relaunch of their magazine in hope to change consumer perception of FHM and in order to drive sales. We all know what happens to magazines owned by ACP which don’t meet target.

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Official Sync for Outlook & Google Calendar – Thank God!

I’ve been scratching my head for awhile now regarding Google calendar and how to sync it with everything else that matters (mainly Outlook since thats permanently on for me). Unfortunately, there has been no way to do this without performing some crazy hack which is usually not a 2-way sync between Outlook and Google calendar. Chances are that I am not the only one who has been having headaches over the calendar syncing issues as Google has finally decided to give us a hand by release a little program that syncs Outlook with Google calendar – Thank god!

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Website Delisted from Google – Wonder why hmm

Well, I’ve been shamelessly promoting my new educational websites in previous posts and everything was going fine until today. I had a quick health check on two of my international websites – Learning How Germany and Learning How Italy, and to my surprise both of them have been delisted from Google.

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Google Adwords CPC Inflation – More Money More Money

I am not sure if its just me but are the CPC on Google Adwords starting to inflate alot faster than usual? I have been running accounts for clients on multiple verticals and have started to see an increasing trend on CPC inflation. I know Australia is going through inflation but is that directly affecting the online market?

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LearningHow in Germany finally launched!

After two or so weeks worth of struggling to get translated to German and having the articles re-purposed so that people can read it in Germany, we have finally decided that everything is up to scratch and the launch of LearningHow Germany is the proof of that.

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Microsoft looking to purchase 24/7 Real Media

Well well, Microsoft, the software giant, has finally decided to buy up advertising companies following the foot steps of Yahoo and Google. This is actually good news for both Microsoft and users of 24/7 Media (both publishers and advertisers). Read more »