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The Best way to get a KFC Bucket delivered at the Cricket!

No one can deny that KFC is the bomb, and I have many fond memories of the KFC Bucket back in the hay days when I lived with my parents (big family = big KFC bucket). But what happens when you really REALLY need a KFC bucket and you’re stuck at the Cricket with no KFC in sight? Well you do what Mick does, fly it in with a helicopter! Watch how he does it here! Read more »

When people get excited over a Tweet, you know there is something wrong with the world…

There are people out there who are super excited by a Tweet that links to itself. In theory, its not humanly possible to do it, and hence the sudden interest and “hype” over it. It was so hyped that it got on the homepage of Digg making this world just that little more weird.

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Australian SEO Rankings Dropped on Google

Ok, I haven’t blogged for awhile due to a busy lifestyle which is keeping me very far away from my website, as well as Twitter for thoes who follow me. Anyways, I was using to check out how my website looks on a text browser, and to my surprise I fould hundreds of spamy links on the footer of my homepage. Atfirst I thought was just broken as I would never add random links to spam websites. But it turns outI got hacked!

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Twitter is DEAD! Its cool, I can chill. Hurry up. (well.. down temporarily kinda)

well.. not its not actually dead, just down for unscheduled maintainence, I just wanted to rant about it being down, but realised I couldn’t rant on Twitter about it (ironic). This brings me to a new point of realisation, that I use Twitter to rant (whinge) about stuff all the time. Anyways, just thought I’d share the news…

My old posts are still getting traffic

Don’t you love it when your old posts still get heaps of traffic even though its like written a few years ago. I guess certain topics never get old. I wrote a post about how to restart your Apple iPod mainly for my own reference but it seems that it has moved up on Google rankings with more and more people finding the post useful. Read more »

I have finally embraced Twitter – Follow me!

Ok, I never thought I’d say this but Twitter is actually pretty cool. At first I had no idea how I could use it and hence I decided to make it a private diary of what I do during the day. However when I started following people, I realised that it could actually be a very powerful social networking tool.

Anyways, no point for me to rant about the greatness of Twitter since there are heaps of posts out there that does that already. So for thoes who has Twitter already, Follow me @sicnarftea, for thoes who don’t, join twitter and check it out, follow everyone you know and use it for a few days. You’ll definitely be surprised! 


Another dating scam email from Poland!

Well, its another day and another dating scam email. Recently been receiving alot more dating scam emails than before, must be that people are getting more lonely online and are falling victim to blatantly obviously scams. Not to burst your bubble but if a model like girl starts emailing you out of no where with very VERY poor english and the intention to “make babies” with you, then its probably a scam. I fully aware that some may think that the above could possibly be for real, however, as the old saying goes “If its too good to be true, then its probably a scam”.

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Finally, my very own delicious bookmark page

Been awhile since my last blog entry, but this is mainly due to the fact that I’ve started using Twitter and many other social media sites, including the very sexy Its also really cool how they have finally decided that the previous domain name was way too hard to remember. Regardless, you can check out all my bookmarks just incase you guys have nothing to do. This collection will obviously grow over time so you can check back later if you can’t find anything interesting yet.

Google Knol – A wikipedia competitor but will it win?

Looks like Google has finally decided to launch a user generated encyclopedia (pretty much Wikipedia but owned by Google) called Google Knol. Already having stiff competition on the playing field, which consists of Wikipedia, Scholarpedia and Helium, will Google Knol really make that much of a difference?

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5 cool things you can use Twitter for

Well, I sitting at work pondering how I can use Twitter without making too much effort and Viola! Below is a list of things that you could use Twitter for as promised.

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I use twitter more than I blog now!

Ok, you know the world is changing when you stop blogging completely and start writing “twits” which can be anything as short as a few words in place of the blog you ditched. That is exactly what I have been doing, twitting on Twitter.

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Mozilla Firefox 3 earns a place in the Guinness World Record

That’s right, thanks to the millions of people (8,002,530 to be exact) who download Firefox 3 during their launch on the 17th of June 2008, Firefox 3 has earnt their place in the Guinness World Record for achieving the record for the “largest number of software downloads in 24 hours.”

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Firefox 3 Download Day – 17th of June 2008

Download Day 2008Yes, thats right, Firefox 3 is finally complete after 34 months of development from the guys at Mozilla and many many contributors around the world and guess what, its out on the 17th of June 2008. Just to mix things up abit, Mozilla wants to set a crazy new Guinness world record of the most software downloads in 24 hours.

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Taking blogging to a new level with Men’s Sense – Online Magazine

It’s been a dream of mine for awhile to start an online magazine company with quality content as well as unbiased journals writing for me. However, it has only been a dream and I never had the chance to start it. Well that was until I realised that Bloggers are the new Journals in today’s digital age. Say hi to Australia’s newest blog based Online Magazine – Men’s Sense Online Men’s Magazine

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Scraper Duplicate Content Sites – Do they affect your search rankings?

In short no, the worse that could happen is that you get frustrated another website has stolen your work and repurposed it as their own. I currently have atleast 50 scraper websites with my content on them, be it abstracts of my blog posts or complete rip offs, however none of them have affected my rankings on Google (I don’t really care about Yahoo or MSN Live to tell the truth).

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Learning How Italy has Lift Off!

After two or so weeks worth of struggling to get translated to Italian and having the articles re-purposed so that people can read it in Italy, we have finally decided that everything is up to scratch and the launch of LearningHow Italy is the proof of that.

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Shameless Self pimping on MyBlogLog (for SEO mainly)

Is it just me or is MyBlogLog becoming like a shameless self pimping / viral link building community where a bunch of internet marketers gather to generate as much link value to their MyBlogLog page as possible. Do not that your the link on MyBlogLog to your websites are followed hence all that juicey internal links you get within MyBlogLog flows straight to your website.

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Great new way to make money online –

Well, been surfing the net mindlessly as I always do and I came across an interesting website which allows webmasters to sell links. I know you’re thinking that you’ve been there done that, however this advertising network has a twist, it allows publishers to sell links on all pages of their website independently (which is completely different to sitewide links).

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Thanks for the free links

Just wanted to say thanks to the people linking to me, actually means alot to me, even though I haven’t been posting much recently, its great to see that people actually still read my relatively senseless and sometimes boring posts. I will make more of an effort to post about SEO and related topics, after I close off some of my ventures =)

Comment spam continues to increase

Is it just me or has comment spam increased recently, worse of all they are starting to read like read comments. I am actually getting comments which does not contain any links within the comment area and says things such as “I agree” or “Nice” or “cool”. Its as though they actually read my blog post! Read more »

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