I made it on the Top 100 Australian Bloggers index

Just got a ping from Meg from Blogpond that I made it to the top 100 Aussie bloggers, ranked current as number 99. Very amazing seeing that my site has only been in operation for approximately 1 month (or less). Great motivation for me to write more great SEO posts (if you can call it great) and post even more entertaining material for you guys to read.

Other another note, now that my colleague should be back from training next week, I should have a lot more time to post so subscribe to my feeds to keep yourself up to date with SEO news and other great things.


  1. Greg, 12. May 2007, 20:06

    Nice work – i just followed a link in from The Local listing new Australian blogs and looks like things are going well indeed!

  2. Jayce Ooi, 14. May 2007, 23:50

    Well done. I also start blogging on April but I did not getting so fast in ranking. Need to learn from you lo. 🙂


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